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Discover new DeFi protocols

keyTango discover layer aims to reflect investors the most innovative deep DeFi products such as yield farming, liquidity pools, derivatives and more. The discovery of new and existing products is made easy due to the platform’s dashboard, which include some useful DeFi dedicated features.

Learn about deep DeFi concepts

Build your DeFi knowledge foundation with keyTango glossary of terms, explainers, videos, analytics and links to other resources. Understand what new and unique terms mean, how platforms and protocols work and how you can maximize profit in the new trustless economy. It might seem confusing at first, but don’t worry – we got your back!

Invest in deep DeFi protocols

Once you feel confident in your DeFi knowledge, keyTango also serves as a gateway to invest in other DeFi products. Just connect your wallet to our web3 app and we’ll help you take plunge into a brave new world of deef DeFi


Discover powerful DeFi products

Curated by MIT & Y-Combinator Alumni

Provide liquidity on DEX's to earn trading fees

Liquidity pools are pools of tokens that provides liquidity to DEXs. Investors (AKA LP’s) act as market makers, using AMM (automated market making) mechanisms on these exchanges. In its most basic form, liquidity pools keeps a 50:50 value ratio between ETH and a second token.

Leading products in this category: Uniswap, Curve, Balancer, SushiSwap, Bancor

Relevant terms: order book, market making, AMM, smart contract risk

Gain token rewards by investing in products with attractive rewards program

DeFi platforms such as Compound and Aave reward their users with governance tokens ($COMP, $LEND). These governance tokens can later be sold on DEXs (Decentralised exchanges). When users deposit tokens as liquidity onto these platforms in order to receive and sell governance tokens, it is called “yield farming”. Yield Farming is one of the hottest and most innovative activities in DeFi.

The easiest way to yield farm is to lend tokens such as ETH, BTC or stable coins to DeFi lending platforms. Yield farming help DeFi platforms attract users and funds and therefor create greater liquidity to facilitate trading.

Leading products in the category: Yearn, InstaDapp

Relevant terms: smart contract risk, flash loans, aggregators

Trade token pairs on DEX's

DeFi trading is the activity of holding a long/short position on an asset, sometimes with leverage, in order to express a view on a particular coin. In DeFi, the role of the broker is performed by autonomous market makers (AMMs) such as those in liquidity pools, or by matching via an order book. This type of trading can be undertaken on various decentralized exchanges (DEX’s) such as DyDx, MCDEX and Fulcrum.

Leading products in the category: Aave, SuhiSwap, 0x.

Relevant terms: price volatility, liquidation risk, collateral exposure, leverage, BTC bridge

DeFi innovation is exploding

DeFi innovation is happening at a torrid pace. Derivatives and synthetics are proliferating and provide DeFi traders with hedging and other tools for leveraged crypto exposure. Synthetics creation and liquidity provision are fueling the derivatives boom in DeFi.
NFT’s, games and other areas are exploding with interest from retail DeFi users as well. NFT’s are “Non-Fungible-Tokens”, which is a unique digital asset. Games – well, games are self explanatory. These are just a few areas in DeFi that are garnering significant interest.

Leading products in the category: Synthetix, Niftygateway, UMAprotocol
Relevant terms: NFT’s, synthetics, games

About keyTango

keyTango is a platform for retail investors to discover and invest in deep DeFi products such as yield farming and liquidity pools. We believe that DeFi should be more inclusive. Our team consists of MIT, Ycombinator and Enigma MPC alumni. We are proud to be backed by Outlier Ventures and other leading crypto investors.

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